Coming Soon…


We are so excited to announce Baby Johnson will arrive January 2016!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog for the past few months & man, what a comeback, amiright?! I mean, I even missed my one-year blog-iversary. Whoops…

I recently started a new job & then started two more part-time jobs so I’ve been trying to balance my time & new responsibilities.

Pregnancy is a tough journey, & trying to get pregnant is a lot more stress than people who aren’t trying realize. It has definitely made me realize to be more sensitive when asking others personal questions like, “When are you going to have a baby?” or “Why are y’all waiting?

I’ve definitely encountered my fair share of these questions or lots of comments like, “Make a baby already.” It’s all you can do to be polite & say, “We’re doing our part & the best we can.”

To give you more understanding, we’ve been married a little over two years & I’ve been anxious to get pregnant since probably the sixth month of marriage. We were a long distance couple for almost five years & I was excited to share time with my new husband. Then the outside influences start with the baby questions & without realizing it you’ve started “trying” & putting a little pressure on your body.

Since September, we have been putting a focused effort on getting pregnant without getting too technical or counting days. I even had my girlfriend read my cards to put my mind at ease. In January 2015, she read my cards & told me I’d be pregnant in 6 months. I was desperate for insight & it was an amazing reading, which turned out to be totally accurate. If I had any doubt in cards before they are absolutely gone.

 In March, I went for a run one day to clear my mind. I’d been religiously peeing on pregnancy sticks every month & would call my mom in disappointment every time it was negative. I had even done some minor testing with my doc to make sure everything was working properly. On this run I had an epiphany – Kids are cool. Just not right now.

When I got home I ran the idea by the hubs & we were on the same page. We “stopped trying” & I filled the doctor in our new plan of waiting. We weren’t preventing, but we decided to take the pressure off. I’d been chanting my personal mantra internally – “It’ll happen when it’s supposed to.”

I didn’t exactly realize the amount of pressure I was putting on myself because I didn’t feel stressed. When C said he was good with waiting it literally felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

In May, one of my girlfriends came to PA to visit. We both love bubbly so I had big plans to take her to this cool champagne bar I’d heard about…still dying to go, obvi. I had noticed my dog, Geech, who is normally a total daddy’s boy had been unusually interested in me. He’d sit behind my work chair & follow me everywhere. This had been going on for 5 weeks, but I thought he was happy I was working from home. So the day before Jess came to visit I figured I should take a pregnancy test because I couldn’t be slanging drinks if I was with child.

So I took the test & it was positive before I even put it on the counter. I was in disbelief & hysterical cried for about 5 seconds before I called the doctor to make my appointment. Wanting to be absolutely sure I took two more tests 🙂 All positive.

Geech helped me tell C by proudly wearing the pregnancy test & a tag that said, “Mom’s pregnant” on his collar. Geech always greets C at the top of the stairs in the evening. Of course this particular day, with things dangling from his collar he decided to stay laying down. Did I mention Geech is slightly neurotic so change doesn’t suit him well. C came up the stairs, kissed me & headed right to the restroom – he’d driven over an hour from work. This gave me time to set up my camera to record his reaction which still makes me beam from ear to ear. He was surprised & so excited. It was blissful.

Now we have to wait until August to know if our little nugget will be a boy or girl.

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Have a happy & safe Fourth of July! I’m excited to have my own lil Firecracker 🙂

Much love, hippies!

Balloons: Balloons Fast // Dress: DVF (similar here & here) // Necklace: BaubleBar // Sandals: Sandals: Steve Madden (past sandals)

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