DIY Coconut Skin Refresh

               2015-04-07 17

I don’t know about you, but just knowing sunnier days are ahead has me elevating my skin game – exfoliation, self-tanner and mani/pedi treatments on fleek.

I don’t if I can pull of “on fleek,” but I like it. The hubs, not so much.

Once a month I get a mani/pedi, which seems a little extravagant, but I wish I could afford the luxury of going every two weeks for fresh skin and polish. I instantly feel more confident when my nails are done and my feet havve a fresh new hue. The polish my nail tech uses is fantastic and the polish on my toes doesn’t chip for 4-5 weeks. It’s called Vinylux. Learn it, love, you’re welcome.

In between nail sessions my skins starts looking a little dull, and frankly, I’m over it. I found an easy way to refresh my skin in between beauty salon appointments.

It’s quick, easy & you probably have this stuff on hand…pun intended.

The best way to buff away dullness and old skin cells is through exfoliation followed by moisturizer.

At home skin refresh:

Exfoliant = combine 1 Tbsp olive oil + 1 Tbsp raw/coconut sugar

Moisturizer =  1/8 tsp coconut oil

I didn’t have any raw sugar on hand so I used coconut sugar. I think I actually like it better because the granules are finer, which will make a great lip scrub, too!

After exfoliating, pat your skin dry. This is really important and helps lock in moisture. I learned this trick from my dermatologist.

Then use the coconut oil to naturally re-hydrate your skin. I concentrate more of the coconut oil on my cuticles to keep them looking healthy.

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