Current Craves

CC 3-25-15

We are enjoying our time in Texas and I can’t even begin to put into words how wonderful it feels…even though it’s a short trip.

Tonight we’ll celebrate the marriage of our friends Matt & Val and tomorrow spend all day playing with both sets of parents and hopefully some friends, too.

I hope to eat as much Mexican food as humanly possible while we are in Texas. Honestly, just going to a Mexican food restaurant where the queso is actually called queso and not “cheese dip” will be a breath of fresh air. I’m also looking forward to a REAL margarita that isn’t neon green! The ‘Burgh has great Italian food but their excuse for Mexican food is poor.

1. J. Crew Neon Mini Skirt This sweet & fun mini is perfect for spring! I love the neon hue and think it would pair great with a chambray shirt or burnout tank.

2. Nike Running Tights I am currently training for a 5K and I always get added motivation when I buy new running gear. These pants are super comfortable and I love the mesh inserts on the lower part of the leg to keep you cool.

3. Hanger Necklace I’ve been contemplating tattoo #9 and have been playing with the idea of getting a hanger on my inner bicep as an ode to fashion. Since I’m still on the fence this dainty little necklace is just the ticket.

4. Saint Laurent Fringe Bucket Bag This bag may not be something I will ever get to own in my life time but a girl can dream. Bucket bags are the new trendy bag to have and at first I wasn’t feelin’ it. I continued to browse different bucket bags and found that I do in fact like them. I would LOVE to have this in my possession. I mean, my birthday is next month…

5. Steve Madden Fringe Gladiator Sandal How fun are these? Gladiator sandals are so fun and a little flirty fringe down the front never hurt anyone. I’m kinda dying for these.

Have a fab weekend, hippies! I know I will in the great state of Texas!

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