Current Craves

CC 3-6-15

I was naive to think winter was coming to end in PA. Apparently from what the locals tell us the coldest cold is in February and the snow is in March. Let me tell ya, I was excited for the snow but I’m SNOWverit, an awesome hashtag shared by my friend HT. It couldn’t be more true.

To give you some context, on Thursday afternoon I decided to go for a run at my local rec center. After shoveling snow for more than 15 minutes my fingers were so cold they hurt. I cried. Like, boo hoo cried in my car while I desperately tried to get them to warm up. I looked like a pansy and luckily none of my neighbors were around to witness my mini meltdown. Then I decided to suck it up, southern girls aren’t made for this business, and I’m holding my own and thank God, literally I thanked Him, that winter is almost over. Almost. In actuality we’ll probably have snow on the ground the rest of the month. It better not ground our flight outta here in a few weeks for a trip back to Texas. I’d really cry.

In an effort to look past the snow days that are too cold to play in, gray slush piling up outside my door and our perpetually muddy entry way, I rounded up some items in my favorite trend – fringe. These pieces put a smile on my face and will carry any fashionista into spring.

What’s your favorite trend?

P.S. It’s the weekend before our 2 year wedding anniversary! I loved everything about our wedding and would do it all over again – the whole process was so fun and our wedding was so “us” in every way. Check out our engagement video and wedding highlight video shot by the amazing The Bird + The Bear from Austin, TX.

Much love, hippies!

1. Sunda Fringed Leather Belt This might be THE coolest fringed find. Make an ordinary shift dress, maxi or midi uber cool by adding this belt. It’s cool, adds some edge and is a great way to add fringe to almost any outfit. I love this because it’s so different from any other fringe pieces I’ve seen. I’m a fan of trying the trends, but if I can standout while doing it to differentiate myself from the pack then I’ll try it.

2. BaubleBar Fringe Bib Necklace I’m developing a huge crush on BaubleBar. They have everything – even fringe! This necklace is beautiful and simple but the simplicity doesn’t keep it from making a statement. It would look great with a boyfriend tee or dressed up with an LBD. Super versatile and that’s a win when playing with trendy pieces.

3. DKNY Fringed Crepe Mini Dress LBDs don’t have to be boring, darling! This dress is so fun and I would definitely wear it when I know some dancing will be involved. Yes, I would be “that girl” flailing my fringe in your face. And you know you would only secretly hate me because you’d wish your dress had cool fringe to fling, too.

4. Aldo Saddle A Cross Body Bag with Fringe Mainly the color of this bag spoke to me. It looks like bubble gum and it’s adorable. I feel like it’s a fringed unicorn because most of the fringe I’ve seen is black. A standout bag to carry to festivals and it’s so beautiful I’d have to reach out and touch it if it weren’t on my body.

5. Fringed High Heel Sandal Hellooo, gorgeous! These fringed beauties are so sexy! I want to wear them with everything! I’d wear them with a jumpsuit, a cool dress or be sexy chic and wear them with boyfriend jeans, a tee and moto jacket. Voila!

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