Current Craves

CC 2-27-15

March is next week which means spring is around the corner! Hooray! And we are that much closer to our trip back to Texas and our 2 year wedding anniversary! March is going to be great!

I’m dreaming of date nights with my girlfriends back in Texas and laughing so much my stomach hurts. Here’s a little outfit, mainly inspired from ASOS (maj ASOS crush right now), I would wear for a night out with my favorite girls.

Happy last weekend of February, hippies! xoxo

1. ASOS Skater Dress with Border Poppy Print I have had my eye on this gorgeous dress for a few weeks. The only the thing keeping me from buying it is the continuous snow surprises we keep getting in PA. The girl in this dress looks so happy and I thought, “YES. I am totally her.” Or at least I want to be her. I hope some sunshine and warmer weather comes our way so I can justify buying this adorable dress. The neckline is so cool.

2. Zara Leather Clutch with Fringes I’ve seen a lot of cool fringed pretty things that I want like yesterday. There are infinite fringe crossbody bags that I want, but this little clutch is so special and cool. Carry it with a cool dress as a statement piece, accessorize your LBD or carry it with boyfriend jeans and a white collared shirt – effortless.

3. ASOS Triangle Ear Cuff I’ve had a hard time finding a shop with a wide variety of ear cuffs. ASOS has a great selection and I’ve spent hours, yes hours, looking at ear cuffs. There are some great adorned ones or bejeweled cuffs but I was craving something more versatile like this little guy. It’s simple enough to wear with everything and it won’t combat with the print of this dress, but still adds an interesting element.

4. ASOS ELDORADO STREET Ankle Boots I can’t get enough booties. I like these because of the cool woven leather detail that make them seem a little more springy.

5. ASOS Large Stone Festival Ring Pack A set of rings I didn’t know I wanted or needed until I saw them. The poppy dress is so beautiful that I didn’t want anything to compete with it and these rings are the perfect detail to compliment the print. Super cool, very bohemian and the best rings to wear with this pretty dress and to complete an edgy-boho look.

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