Valentine’s Day Treats

2015-02-05 21.55.42

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for all things heart-shaped, pink, frilly and, let’s be honest, slightly cheesy. You can totally get away with it.

To me, making treats that coordinate with upcoming celebrations is the easiest way to get into the celebratory spirit.  For some people V-Day isn’t a big deal and I agree it shouldn’t put added pressure on you or your significant other. But, I love a reason to celebrate and make life special.

I found two recipes that are not only delicious but less than 5 ingredients! Easy, whimsical and tasty? Score!

This recipe for Valentine’s Day Popcorn is like crack. It’s super addicting and soooo good. The first batch has already been demolished and I will definitely be making more. I would rename this recipe Cupid Crack.

If you want to follow the recipe exactly, I strongly suggest getting the colored candy melts. Did you know that when you add food coloring to melted chocolate it turns hard and unmanageable? I sure didn’t and learned the hard way. See, I opted for dark chocolate M&M’s instead of milk chocolate which includes purple candy pieces. I thought it would be super cute to turn my white chocolate purple…it didn’t work out so great.

Great heart-shaped serving options here and here.

Keep reading for Heart-Shaped Bark Bites…

2015-02-05 21.55.21 2015-02-05 21.55.12 2015-02-05 21.54.10 2015-02-05 21.53.56

A super simple, super cute treat for Valentine’s Day are these Heart-Shaped Chocolate Bark Bites.

2015-02-05 21.52.26

The basic recipe calls for 3 ingredients: white chocolate, M&M’s and sprinkles. I added a dark chocolate layer to my bark bites…obviously I’m a huge dark chocolate fan. There are so many versions you can make: with dark chocolate, without dark chocolate, with M&M’s or without, with sprinkles or without. I must say my favorite version has both white and dark chocolates and includes sprinkles and M&M’s.

To make perfect heart-shaped bites use this Wilton silicone 12 cavity heart pan. The bites pop out so easy!

Aren’t these precious?

2015-02-05 21.52.53 2015-02-05 21.52.16 2015-02-05 21.51.09 2015-02-05 21.50.47 2015-02-05 21.50.27 2015-02-05 21.51.22

Feel the love, hippies!

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