Dark Chocolate Maple Almond Butter Cups

2015-01-15 17.08.39

Cold weather = baking.

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of Pinterest treats recently since I’ve been cooped up in the house more than usual.

I don’t know about you but I love a good peanut butter cup. Well, not so much a cup as the egg, tree, pumpkin or heart cups because the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is perfect.

When I found a recipe for Paleo Reese Cups I was over the moon. I’m not strict Paleo because I do like to indulge every once in awhile (sister loves her wine), but this recipe is a great alternative to packaged sweets.

This recipe is so simple and makes a very filling sweet treat. There’s only 4 ingredients and you can modify the recipe to your taste.

I decided to use Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, local honey from Trax Farms and unrefined virgin coconut oil  with Ghiradelli 60% cacao baking chips.

I sprayed my mini muffin tin with coconut oil spray (one of my new favorite products) to make sure they didn’t stick. I don’t think it was necessary at all and it ended up leaving a residue on some of the cups.

The recipe says you can use a knife to pop the cups out of the tin. I was skeptical of it being that easy but I was surprised when all I had to do was force my butter knife in between the cups and the tin. They literally popped right out.

I would suggest letting the cups set a little longer than the suggested 30 minutes in the freezer. The first cup I tried popping out of the tin left quite a bit of the almond butter mixture in the tin. Forty minutes worked perfectly for me.

These are delicious, filling and completely satisfy my sweet tooth.

Hopefully these make your Monday a little sweeter, hippie loves!

2015-01-15 17.12.32 2015-01-15 17.12.15 2015-01-15 17.08.10 2015-01-15 17.07.05 2015-01-15 17.10.48

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