2015 Is Gonna Be Sweet

2015-01-05 14.54.07

I hope you dolls had a fabulous holiday season!

As my first blog back from an almost two-week hiatus I thought it seemed appropriate to look at my last year in review and put my goals for 2015 in writing to keep myself accountable.

2014 was full of changes and lots of milestones.

2014: A Year in Review:

The hubs & I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.

I started my blog, Hippie Honz – a 3 year-long dream.

The hubs celebrated his 30th birthday and we celebrated with a surprise party on the Guadalupe River.

I had a guest blog feature and blogger spotlight on Wear Eponymous.

I became a Big Sis for an awesome little named Alyssa.

I chopped my hair off.

I was honored to attend 4 weddings: Kaitlin (& Brad), Lauren (& Ryan), Thomas (& Samantha) and Tiffany (& Chris).

I visited NOLA for the first time ever!

I started my Paleo journey.

Became an auntie to one of my bestie’s baby, Kennedy Rose.

The hubs & I moved out of state, for the first time ever, to Pennsylvania.

I cheered on the Steelers at the season opener against the Browns.

I rooted for the Bucs at the beautiful PNC Park.

I had a photo retweeted & featured on TargetStyle’s Instagram.

Tried my first CrossFit WOD…and didn’t throw up.

There were some really scary things that happened in 2014 and some really beautiful things that happened, too. I think one of the lessons that resonated most with me over the last year is that I shouldn’t be so scared to try something new and chase a dream. I’m hoping to carry this lesson with me through the next year.

Goals & Dreams for 2015:

Find a CrossFit box & family.

Celebrate 2 years of marriage.

Start meditating.

Learn to play the guitar.

Start my journey as a stylist.

Go on a honeymoon.

Upgrade my blog design.

Watch a documentary every month.

Continue to become a more Godly woman.

Get pregnant <– This is the scariest to type out & acknowledge.

All the dreams I haven’t dreamed, the plans I haven’t planned, the adventures I haven’t experienced and goals I haven’t realized I want to accomplish.

Cheers to a beautiful, life-changing, adventurous, fulfilling & blessed new year.

What a difference a year makes…

NYE13 vs. NYE14

2013-12-31 23.13.15IMG_3853-0

I was craving something sweet today and I made this. As delicious as a frosting mousse shot would have been…I wasn’t patient enough. My coconut milk wasn’t thick enough for a mousse so instead I left it in the freezer for a little bit so it wasn’t so runny. I didn’t get a mousse but I did get a tasty, rich chocolate shake.

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