Current Craves :: Animal Lover Edition Gift Guide

CC 12-12-14 animal lover


I love gift giving.

It’s so fun to find a thoughtful, unique and sometimes quirky gift to make my loved ones smile. All of my girlfriends are animal lovers and what better way to earn gifting bonus points then by giving them something regarding furry creatures. I hunted on a few of my favorite sites to find animal themed gifts that are fun and will definitely be conversation pieces.

I think my girlfriends are pretty rad. To give you a little insight, I’ve included the names of some of my girlfriends who inspired a few of these picks. You’d like my friends. They are fun and funny.

1. Animal Clothes Hanger at Urban Outfitters: I literally LOLed when I saw this. It’s A.) Hilarious and B.) Mildly creepy. I imagine going to get your clothes in the morning and laughing because this lil guy is hanging out…get it? Ha. ha. I think S’more would get a kick outta this guy.

2. Friend or Foal Horse Necklace at ModCloth: I’ve been recently inspired by horses because there is this beautiful Arabian horse farm near our house. I love seeing the horses roam around in the pasture and run free. It’s beautiful. Horses are beautiful, strong and powerful. What better way to show one of your besties you admire her then with this awesome statement necklace? Natalia could find this under her tree!

3. Ted Baker London Cosmetics Case at Nordstrom: I mean…it’s just so stinkin’ cute. It reminds me of my boston terrier Maly and how much I love her. Every girl needs a cosmetics case. I have too many to count. I know a few bag hoarders myself. *Cough* Megan *Cough*

4. Claw Earring at Urban Outfitters: These are so cool! I love how they are sort of abstract but amazingly beautiful. I want a pair for myself. This might one of those gifts I pick up for myself while shopping 🙂

5. Dinosaur Tribe T-Rex Cake Plate: Every hostess with a sense of humor should have one of these in her hutch. Dinos are so fun and it looks like the T-Rex is trying to reach for all the snacks but he can’t quite reach them. Worst time to have T-Rex arms. My pal Jessica is a great hostess and usually entertains my girlfriends and me when we are in Houston…this would be perfect for our next reunion. We eat a lot of snacks.

6. Little Bunny Shoe Flat at ModCloth: I just love these flats because they are so cute and pretty. They have more of a house shoe vibe and I feel like they would tickle my ankles. I couldn’t resist adding them to the animal lover gift roundup because I’ve never seen anything like these.

7. Kitten Oven Mitt at Urban Outfitters: What’s better than pulling fresh baked cookies out of the oven? Getting to pull fresh baked cookies out of the oven wearing a cat on your hand. The flap on this mitten, the part where your thumb goes, is the tail. Biz would get this because it reminds me of her new kitty Banks. Plus she’s a family and consumer sciences teacher and I think her students would get a kick out of it.

8. Dog Crest Novelty Smoking Slipper at C.Wonder: For a more discreet nod to your love of animals are these classic smoking slippers with a dog silhouette. I love the burgundy color and gold embellishments.

9. Puppy bookends at Anthropologie: Bookends are a lost art. No better way to revive a lost art than with cutesy poodles. These are pretty and would be a great addition to anyone’s home library.

10. Ellie Creamer at Anthropologie: I really like elephants. They are cute and symbolically I appreciate everything they represent.  I love the creamer cows that you can find anywhere but the reason this elephant creamer is so special is because it’s out of the ordinary. Little gifts that can elevate an everyday occurrence, like pouring creamer in your coffee, are great gifts. Heather really likes her coffee…Ellie would find a new home in her kitchen.

11. Safari Animal Bottle Stopper at C.Wonder: Who doesn’t love wine?  I like to call this fella the Wino Rhino. When I lived in Waco I had a group of girlfriends who got together every Wednesday for Wine Wednesday. We have since all moved around and such but should be together over the holidays they would each get this awesome wine accessory.

12. PJ Salvage ‘Dog Glasses’ Mug at Nordstrom: When I start my day it’s always more fun to drink my coffee out of a cheeky mug. I know my girlfriends appreciate the same thing. Katie likes coffee and just had a sweet baby. A few years ago when Lindsey had her son we started a joke about having ugly babies but not wanting to hurt each others’ feelings but also not wanting to lie and say the baby is cute. We decided as a group to say, “Your baby is so smart.” Obviously this is a hilarious joke and both of their babies are beautiful, for real beautiful, but this mug makes me think of that joke. Since Katie is a new mommy this would have her name on it.

Do you have any special go-to gifts or go-to stores?

Ho ho ho, hippies!

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