Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

2014-12-09 15.02.55

Home Alone has always, hands down, been one of my favorite movies. I once even duped my dad into ordering a cheese pizza just so I could quote Kevin, “Ahhh, a lovely cheese pizza just for me.” Then I didn’t eat a single bite. It was one of the most glorious moments of my adolescence.

As an adult, finding a chic way to mix nostalgia and fashion is rare.  When the stars align in my favor, I take full advantage. I originally had my heart set on this Urban Outfitters sweater, but just couldn’t justify it…hence the reason it made my Current Craves: Dear Santa Edition last week. Then I happened upon this version from

I LOVE this sweater and it doesn’t disappoint. Do you ever buy something online from another country and think it will take to make it to your doorstep? I thought the same thing. Those rad folks at have got the whole customer service thing in the bag. I got updates in my inbox daily about my order status which I adore. I feel like this sweater brings smiles to the faces of strangers. Either they, A.) Get the reference (bonus) or B.) Just think it’s hilarious. Which let’s face it, it IS hilarious.

What’s your favorite Christmas/holiday movie?

Ho ho ho, hippies.

2014-12-09 15.01.47

2014-12-09 15.01.34

2014-12-09 15.02.04

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