Current Craves :: Dear Santa Edition

CC 12-5-14 Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Please let these pretties be underneath my tree this year. I’ve been really nice this year.

Your favorite brunette,


1. Parker Street – Allena Satchel: This Kate Spade New York satchel is everything I’m looking for in a new handbag. It’s classic, beautiful and structured. And who doesn’t love the signature stripes inside every KS bag? I love the sleek silhouette of this bag and the suede panels. It’s luxe, gorgeous and on the top of my wish list this year.

2. Ya Filthy Animal Crew Neck Sweater: Growing up Home Alone was my all time favorite movie. I wore out my VHS watching Kevin and his crazy antics. One time when I was about six my dad ordered pizza for dinner. I remember him covering the mouth piece of the phone and saying, “Brookie, what kind of pizza do you want?” I responded, “Cheese.” He gave me a quizzical look, shrugged and ordered a cheese pizza. When the delivery man brought our pizza I took the cheese from my daddy, sniffed the box and said, “Mmm, a lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” I then placed the box on the kitchen table and did not eat a single bite. You see my favorite pizza is pepperoni, I’d never eaten others toppings, my dad recognized this odd request when he took my order yet he ordered cheese anyway. I loved Kevin McCallister and wanted to be just like him. This sweater is perfect because I can wear a sweater portraying the quote from one of my favorite scenes of the movie. I don’t even care that this is technically a men’s sweater. Must. Have. It.

3. BCBGMAXAZRIA Cape Dress: Hello, gorgeous! This dress is divine. It’s the kind of dress that when you see another girl wearing it you are instantly envious that she found it first. I want to wear this dress to Christmas Eve service, holiday parties and when I’m doing chores around this house. It’s insanely beautiful and a great way to turn the cape trend into something that can be worn as a stand alone garment.

4. Kendra Scott Quincy Gold Delicate Earrings: What a stunning statement earring! The iridescent slate colored stone reminds me of cat eyes. They are edgy but classic at the same time. Don’t these just scream celebration? New Year’s, champagne, sparklers? Swooning.

5. SHOPBOP Glamorous Faux Fur Vest: No woman’s wish list is complete this year with the quintissential faux fur vest. I’ve seen all sorts of styles and colors but this light grey version was a breathe of fresh air. Grey is a great neutral that often escapes me and to be honest a white faux fur vest scares me. I just know I’ll dribble red wine on myself or drop pumpkin pie on it. THe grey is transitional enough to wear with anything you would pair with a white faux fur vest and it’s different anything else I’ve seen which is really appealing.

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