Plaid & Polka Dots

IMG_3609.JPGThanksgiving in Texas was a huge success! I didn’t realize I was homesick until I got to see our families. We were able to split our time perfectly between Houston & Waco, but there just wasn’t enough time. We soaked up some beautiful Texas sunshine and ate Tex-Mex almost every night.

I was able to pack a week’s worth of clothes in one bag! I was super impressed with myself. Besides the shoes on my feet I only packed running shoes, which I used twice, thank you very much. My packing trick? I stuck to one color palette – black. I packed black skinnies and black leggings and was able to plan every outfit around the black booties in order to avoid overpacking and a bulky bag. #NeverWornSoMuchBlackInMyLife

Through my Instagram adventures I happened upon Mindy Mae’s Market. There are some fun & spunky pieces and I think I want every tassel bracelet to call my very own. I love the plaid mixed with polka dots for a fun surprise on a winter classic. The “nobody said it was easy shirt” was an impulse buy since lipstick is my absolute FAVE.









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