Current Craves :: Black Friday Edition

CC 11-28-14 Black Friday Edition

Black Friday has never really appealed to me. I know it is tradition for some people. I have girlfriends who brave Black Friday every year with all the women in their family, they eat breakfast at the crack of dawn and make a whole day of tracking down deals. I’ve never really been interested in the whole experience, but I think it’ mainly because I’ve never been able to participate. The early morning hours, braving the crowds and the cold weren’t exactly making a strong case either. Add the fact there is always some news story about someone who gets trampled trying to get the best doorbuster deal. That’s plain scary. I think mob mentality would kick in and I’d become uber competitive.

My mama is what you call frugal and she is the best deal hunter I know. The woman has never paid full price for anything, except maybe my wedding dress. She suggested we partake in the Black Friday mayhem this year. We’ve never had the experience and it will actually work out this ear that we could shop ’til we drop with all the other sales chasers.

I’ve been scouring the internet to see what store is offering the best deals to help complete my Christmas list and Kohl’s seems to be the winner. I want to get as many gifts as possible without going to multiple stores. I function better in shopping situations when I have a particular item(s) to focus on. Below are 5 items I’m going to be hunting at Kohl’s.

What are your Black Friday traditions? Do you go or no?

1. FOR MOM: Gem Sensations Diamond Floral Drop Earrings. These gorgeous earrings are a great gift for mom. An interesting alternative to typical hoops, drops or studs yet simple enough to wear everyday. Black Friday price $90 (regular $225)

2. FOR HIM: Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono A-T Two Tone Watch   The hubs is definitely in need of a new watch but it’s not something he should or would ever buy for himself. Recently he suggested we check out the mall near our house, I was astonished, and since I’m never one to skip a trip to the mall I agreed wholeheartedly and probably too eagerly. I was able to get him near the watch counter and started pointing out what I liked, which is the trick to get him to pick out what he likes. I made a mental note and even snapped a pic when he turned his back. He’s been on the nice list this year so hopefully Santa will be good to him. Black Friday price $473 (regular $595)

3. FOR DAD: Chaps Corduroy Sport Coat. My daddy has told me multiple times he like when I buy hims clothes. I like to keep him looking hip because he is but he wouldn’t naturally gravitate to clothes I buy him, but he always look awesome. This sport coat would look so handsome on my daddy and would in return make him look very dapper. Black Friday price $49.99 (regular $175)

4. FOR THE HOME: St. Nicholas Square Holiday Throw Pillow. Decorative throw pillows are so fun! I love this “Baby It’s Cold Outside” pillow. It’s whimsical and bold and would be a great gift for anyone. Throw pillows are fun but aren’t always the first item someone thinks of when they are considering expanding their decoration collection. Holiday decorations sometimes don’t ever get purchased until after the season because most people can’t justify the expense when they know it will go on sale later.  Black Friday price $13.99 (regular $34.99)

5. FOR YOU: Jennifer Lopez Hidden Wedge Over-the-Knee Boots. It’s always fun to buy yourself a present. Over-the-knee boots are on my wish list most def this year. This pair is an awesome deal! I’ll be fighting for a size 8. If you see me, steer clear because I might be throwin’ some ‘bows for these boots. Black Friday price $29.99 (regular $109.99)

May the odds be ever in your favor, hippies!

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