Comic Book Colors

2014-11-13 11.10.27

I feel like a child on vacation – wide eyed and captivated. Everywhere we go I find myself trying to soak in our surroundings. The scenery in PA is beautiful, there’s quaint little townships that seem really cozy and interesting artwork everywhere. In the most unassuming places there are surprise murals with images so enticing you can’t help but want to get close and absorb it. Maybe it’s my small town girl roots but the world around us in this big beautiful city is exciting and overwhelming.  As adults we sometimes forget to be exploratory and curious, but I’m allowing myself to become engrossed in my new yet unfamiliar environment.

Today snow is in the forecast and I couldn’t be more excited! The cold is definitely something this Texas girl will not get accustomed to but I’m embracing it. I now own a parka and snow boots…waiting for some fresh white powder to post pics. I can’t wait to make a snow angel and build a snowman and see my dogs romp around.

Happy Monday, hippie loves!

2014-11-13 11.10.44 2014-11-13 11.10.522014-11-13 11.11.20 2014-11-13 11.11.24 2014-11-13 11.12.02 2014-11-13 11.13.27 2014-11-13 11.15.03 2014-11-13 11.16.35 2014-11-13 11.17.52

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