Current Craves

Current Craves 11-14-14

1. Sol Angeles Small Town Pullover via Piperlime: A playful sweatshirt after my own heart. A.) I AM a small town girl now living in a big city so I completely appreciate the proclamation. B.) Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is one of my all time favorite anthems. It’s a great sweatshirt for a casual weekend, but can easily be vamped up with a great stone statement necklace and a leather skirt with knee-high socks and booties. And who doesn’t love a basic piece that can be worn any day in lots of different ways? If you say you don’t, well, my dear, you’re wrong.

2. Tiered Vestige Cosmetics Holder from Anthropologie: I have never hidden the fact that lippy is my absolute favorite beauty product. My mama raised me to never leave the house without color on my lips, just as her mama taught her. A true southern woman looks put together and polished when she has a blaze on her lips. The thing I’m not good add? Organizing my cosmetics. This beautiful tiered lippy holder allows for my favorite lipsticks to be on display and easily accessible. Check out how Lauryn Evart’s of The Skinny Confidential used her’s as decoration in her home here. Displaying your favorite luxury cosmetics and fashion items as decor in your home…GENIUS.

3. Fibulae Ear Cuff: The ear cuff is a new accessory I’m warming up to. There are super feminine ones and really edgy ones and everything in between. I’m a die hard Project Runway fan and when Amanda Valentine came back this season I was ecstatic! She’s bohemian, cool, edgy, quirky and I love her. Hello, spirit animal. When she was named runner-up I thought she was robbed. That’s a whole different story for a different day. In her collection she designed some amazinggg jewelry and among the pieces were these bad ass ear cuffs. I want them. I need them. I will get them.

4.   Proenza Schouler Woven Leather Sandal from Nordstrom: I am what you call a shoe whore. I love them. I am obsessed. Occasionally I come across a pair that causes a visceral reaction. This is one of those times. I literally gasped for breath. They are gorgeous, sexy and sumptuous. I would wear them with everything and anything. The black and white color scheme creates a great neutral palate so that these lovelies can make repeat appearances in your wardrobe daily. Like, literally, I’d sleep in them. I die.

5. Zara Wool Cape: Outerwear has become more of a fashion statement in recent years. Colors are more vibrant, silhouettes are interesting and the only problem is that there isn’t enough room in my closet! Capes are on the season’s must-have list and I couldn’t agree more. It’s like combining a cozy cardigan, sweater and coat all in one. I love this wool cape from Zara in olive green because it’s giving bohemian vibes. It’s cool without trying too hard with the smart color, the deep pockets and side detail. Now that I have my winter coat I can start adding fun outerwear into the mix and I know exactly where to start.

Cheers, hippies!

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