Shades of Grey

IMG_3239.JPG I’m in full fledged job-huntress mode. I’m loving getting our house settled but there’s only so much I can do during the course of the day before it feels like I’m on repeat.

Wake. Run. Errands. Unpack. Repeat.

It gets old real quick, y’all.

But the upside is that I’m gaining a better perspective on the direction I want for my professional life. I have a clearer sense of my style, too, which is great. With a better understanding of my style, because ya know Nike shorts and college tees get boring, I’m also gaining confidence in letting my personal style influence my professional style. I hate feeling like I have to edit my style for the workplace because some organizations are close-minded when it comes to fashion. Bold colors, sexy shoes, fun patterns…these can be work appropriate if done right. I’ve taken my new found confidence, realization, whatever you want to call it, and used it to improve my interview ensemble. I use to have this boring suit, while perfectly tailored, muted and professional, just wasn’t me. I felt comfortable knowing it was what I was suppose to wear but completely uncomfortable for the exact same reason. I was letting society’s expectations impede my sense of self. No more!

To keep my interview outfit/first impression from overwhelming my potential employers but remaining interesting enough to please my sense of self I followed a couple guidelines.

1. Muted color palette


IMG_3248-1.JPGIn order to rock a playful patterned skirt I stuck to basic colors in black and grey.

2. Minimal accessories

I asked my hubs what he thought of my outfit and he replied with, “You don’t think the necklace is too much?” Answer: Absolutely not. In fact, the interviewer complimented the necklace and said, “I love your necklace. You wear it well.” Normally I might have thought the necklace was too bold but since it is in the grey color scheme it isn’t distracting.

3. The perfect shoe



IMG_3257.JPGI instantly fell in love with these Tildon booties that I found at Nordstrom Rack for less than $18! The perfect compliment to my outfit and fashion forward.

4. Bright lippy

IMG_3247-0.JPGA bright but classic color of lipstick draws attention to your face and most importantly your smile.

Moral of the story: To thine own self be true.

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