Perfect Poncho

IMG_3184.JPGThe last few weeks I’ve been MIA trying to get our house to resemble a home. We still have a lot of boxes to unpack but it’s getting there. I’ve been exploring our township, I think it’s adorable that it’s a “township,” and trying to acclimated to our new surroundings. The biggest perk so far is the fall weather! Texas doesn’t really have a true fall and the foliage changing is so serene and beautiful.

I’m not working right now, though I’m actively pursuing leads, and the minimal human interaction leaves a lot to be desired. When you find yourself making multiple trips to Target throughout the week just to be able to have a conversation, albeit may be the checker, it’s totally worth it. A little sad, but worth it. I’m just trying to find my place right now. The first week of playing housewife I thought, “Not too bad. Cooking is fun and making the hubs lunch everyday feels truly wifey.” Then reality hit me, while this option is ideal and optimal for some, right now, it ain’t me. Maybe one day when we have a little nugget running around…when all there is to do is unpack, job hunt, unpack, job hunt and unpack some more it just isn’t appealing – yet.

I have found a church I like and hubs has been able to go with me once (his rotational schedule hinders a lot of couple exploration activities). I love a great contemporary service but he’s more traditional so next week we will visit the traditional service complete with choir and hymnals. I’ll miss my hand-clapping, full band worship experience. I mean, it was so good that during 2 out of 3 of my visits I was moved to tears by the music.

A perk about church is that it gives me a chance to really get dressed and take a break from my current uniform: any form of work out pants or shorts, t-shirts honoring my college years and some form of sweatshirt because it’s the east coast and it’s cold, y’all!

My posts will still be a little sporadic as I try to get our home organized and feeling like it’s ours but I promise to shed insight into our experience through Instagram, Twitter the blog when I am able. Bear with me, hippies.






Jeans: Old Navy Diva // Shirt: Merona // Poncho: Blu Pepper // Booties: Sam Edelman // Lippy: NYX Matte in Perfect Red

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