Hippie Loves…Pennsylvania

IMG_3131.JPGWe are officially in our townhouse in Pennsylvania and man does it feel great! Granted we are still living out of boxes but having your own space is such a great feeling. Living in a hotel was fun for a hot second but 2 pups + 2 people = tight quarters.

The townhouse sits on my namesake which is super fun. The area is beautiful and there are great walking trails with amazing views {see the pic above}. But the real perk of our new place is the people.

Pammy next door is a riot! She’s half Italian, half Swedish, from New York and full of personality. The day we moved in she invited hubs and I over for sausage and peppers with red wine. Hallelujah for a home cooked meal for the first time in three weeks! Can I get an Amen? At dinner she invited us over for Thanksgiving, which is so sweet. I let her know we will be with family and she immediately asked what we would do with our dogs. Long story short, she’ll be dog sitting and I’m pretty sure I have a key to her place coming my way. Today, Ms. Pam painted my deck for me. I offered to help but she I didn’t need to worry about it. It’s so comforting having such a sweet, thoughtful and maternal figure next door.

Mr. Tom down the road crossed paths with us while he was walking his pup. He typed up directions to the nearest grocery store, thank God, and Tom! He’s assured us if we need anything we can call him. He left us his business card. Such a sweet man.

I’m still getting my bearings and trying to figure out where everything is but so far so good. I can’t wait to get everything settled so we can host guests and have people come visit and stay with us.

Can’t wait to post some fall fashions once we are more settled in our little place.

Peace, hippies.

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