Frugal Finds…Free People

I survived another trip to Marshall’s.
The mission: fun statement necklace.
Mission status: unaccomplished.
BUT…I found this awesome, oversized, super cozy Free People sweater. The timing couldn’t be better, because here in The Burgh temps are already very fall-ish and chilly. All the native Burghers think it’s fabulous but this southern belle is learning to cope with my newest constant accessory – goosebumps.

As soon as I spotted this sweater I frantically searched the rack for my size. When I found it, it was as if angels started singing. I knew it was coming home with me to go on frequent rotation this fall and winter. I can wear it over a maxi dress or with skinny jeans and leggings. It has great little details like the snaps on the front and the deep v hemline that extends to large proportions.

The frugal Friday celebration:
Free People sweater retails for $108 (similar here and here)
Marshall’s price: $49
I was a little bummed because the sweater had a little snag on the front and it was the last in my size. I knew I count fix easily the snag at home with scissors and thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask for an additional discount. Apparently Marshall’s, or maybe just this particular location, has a policy to only discount items with issues like this $1. It’s better than a pole in the eye and I have an extra buck in my pocket. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional discounts on damaged items. Approach the situation gracefully. I simply said, “I noticed this sweater has a snag and it’s the last one in my size. I’d be happy to purchase it. Do you by any chance offer a discount on damaged items.” And I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey.

What’s your favorite cozy fall accessory or staple?







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