Hippie Loves HauteLook…Glossed Over

IMG_2968.JPGLast month I bought a Nordstrom beauty bag on HauteLook at the high recommendation from a friend. The bag was only $25 and included a TON of product, including a full size Stila lip glaze that retails for $22! The bag included perfumes, lotion, hair product, makeup and beauty products.
IMG_2970.JPGLipstick is my favorite beauty product to collect. I’ll do basic, natural makeup and change up my look with different lippy colors. The Nordstrom beauty bag contained a full size Stila lip glaze in Mango Berry, Jouer lip gloss in Peony and Lorac lip lustre gloss in Peach Lustre. The colors are beautiful and have a warm feel to them that work great for fall.

JOUERIMG_3033.JPGThe Jouer gloss is super shiny and feels nourishing. The gloss doesn’t have that sticky or tacky texture – it feels luxurious. There’s a bit of a shimmer in the gloss, but it doesn’t look cheap and adds more to the shine instead of looking like glitter. I was only disappointed in the fact that the Peony color wasn’t as vivid as it looks in the tube. I was hoping for more of a lacquered look but it’s very sheer with a hint of neon. This is my top pick of the three. IMG_3034.JPGLORACIMG_3041.JPGThe Lorac lip lustre is thicker in consistency than the Jouer gloss. The color is definitely more subtle and has visible shimmer. This gloss feels thicker than Jouer, which felt lighter. Other than the consistency and texture, there doesn’t seem to be a big difference between Lorac and more common drugstore bought glosses – though I’m willing to pay more for a gloss that isn’t sticky. Out of the three, this is my least favorite.

IMG_3039.JPG^ Lorac does have a cute mini brush that makes for easy application.


IMG_3044.JPGStila’s applicator is a twist distributor which I always struggle with because of my patience. I start twisting to eject the gloss and I don’t see it coming out fast enough so I keep twisting and then there’s a huge bubble of gloss in the brush. I made sure to twist and pause to avoid the problem of over dispensing the gloss. Stila feels sticker when applying than it does once it’s on your lips and I think it’s a combination of the brush and gloss consistencies together. This is another subtle color but had more tint than Lorac and Jouer. The gloss is thick but doesn’t feel heavy like the Lorac and it lasts a decent amount of time without having to reapply, meaning I could make it through my morning Venti iced coffee with having to reapply. This is my second fave, only because if the lightness and hint of neon in the Jouer.

Compare all 3
*some colors appear darker because of the concentrated application.


IMG_3049-0.JPGFrom top: Jouer, Lorac, Stila.

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