Facial Friday

IMG_2968-1.JPGLast month I bought a Nordstrom beauty bag on HauteLook at the high recommendation from a friend. The bag cost only $25 and included a TON of product, including a full size Stila lip glaze that retails for $22! The bag included perfumes, lotion, hair product, makeup and beauty products.

As a girl with eczema and generally overly sensitive skin, I was excited to try out some new beauty products without feeling guilty about spending retail price on something that may cause an adverse reaction. I knew the Clinique moisture surge would be fantastic because I’ve used it before – it’s silky and my skin soaks it up. The Lancôme renergie lift multi-action feels fantastic. While it has an SPF which signifies it is ideal for daytime, the consistency is more ideal for a night cream.

The Mario Badescu kiwi face scrub is a delight for the skin and the nose – it smells incredible without being overwhelming. The exofoliant is seaweed and is very gently. With summer coming to and end and fall just around the corner, a great exfoliant to slough off dead skin is crucial to keeping my complexion clear and bright. What I really liked is that unlike other face scrubs I’ve used, the kiwi face scrub by Mario Badescu didn’t dry out my skin and make it tight. I felt refreshed mad moisturized.


Following the kiwi face scrub I used a hydrating mask – I had spent a few hours at the pool and my face is having a major hormonal breakout moment so I was desperate to test new products to improve my complexion, even if only for the day. I coated my moneymaker a rose face mask fresh. which retails for $58 for a 3.4 oz jar. Thank you, HauteLook for putting this in the beauty bag! I would never consider such a lavish product. I was a little taken aback at first look, and it definitely doesn’t smell like roses, but mama always told me not to judge a book by its cover. Unlike other masks I’ve tried, this mask by fresh. is translucent and didn’t ever stiffen or harden. The mask is light and feels very smooth and hydrates almost instantly. It really felt like I was just coating my face in Clinique moisture surge except that it doesn’t completely absorb into the skin. Though the smell is more chemically than I would like, once it was on that smell was nonexistent.



The HauteLook Nordstrom beauty bag happens once a month, I think, and cost $25 plus $5.95 for shipping. Brands included are:
Mario Badescu
Milton Brown
Estée Lauder
Living Proof
Bottega Veneta

Peace, hippies!

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