Packing Tips – Jewelry

IMG_2931-0.JPGI’ll admit this whole moving business is pretty overwhelming. I didn’t realize how type A I was until so many things were out of my control. We are extremely fortunate that C’s new company provides a moving and relocation company to pack our home and move it across the country. This should be cause for celebration but I’m so used to doing things independently that I feel a little lost, not to mention when I’m anxious I clean and organize. The moving company told C it was nice that I want to organize stuff for them, and it will save them some time, but it’s not really necessary. Normally, when it’s time to move or pack in my family that means all hands on deck, but now that’s not the case. Without something to occupy time and keep me busy, my mind wanders to the sad parts about moving instead of celebrating this glorious adventure that we have hoped and prayed for for almost a year.

As any true fashion lover can attest to, and those of us without children, my clothes, shoes and accessories are like my babies. I’ve lovingly chosen them from different places to be apart of my life. It sounds weird but I have an extremely emotional attachment to my garments. C was able to confirm that the movers will use hanging clothing boxes so our things won’t be crammed into boxes, phew! But, my jewelry, particularly the necklaces, is something I was a little concerned about because no matter how hard I try to keep them tidy things get all jumbled. Even moving 15 minutes across town from my parents’ house to my apartment, with my necklaces hanging from a hanger, everything was somehow intertwined in transit. So frustrating. Since we are moving much further than 15 minutes away I scoured the internet for tips and tricks to make my life easier and keep my necklaces from becoming a giant knotted mess. I stumbled across Authentic Simplicity and the concept of using egg cartons – brilliant! I put out an all call to my coworkers to please help me out and I was not disappointed when I came to work and saw three cartons waiting, including an 18- count carton. My mama gave an awesome suggestion, too: if you can’t get ahold of egg cartons use cupcake tins. You’ll be saving space and keeping everything organized.

It’s so easy packing necklaces in egg cartons so they’ll stay untangled and really convenient, not to mention green. For bigger or longer necklaces, spread them over a couple of the spaces. For necklaces too large to fit in the carton, I used Glad Press’n Seal to keep the necklace in tact and protected. To save space, I used my washcloths to cover the egg crate holes to keep each necklace in its own place. I didn’t have packing tape on hand so I used scotch tape to keep the crates sealed. I made sure to tape over the interlocking closures to ensure the crate is secure and taped all the way around the crate. It was a packing epiphany!









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