Flirty Floral


The hubs and I are officially moving in less than a week. We’ll trek across the U.S. from Texas to Pennsylvania, though most of the drive time will just be trying to get out of Texas. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed, maybe a lot bit, because there are so many little things that have to happen and be completed between now and when we hit the road. Did I mention we don’t have a place to live yet? Yea…

With everything that’s going on I’m feeling a little less motivated and really lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I’ve been opting for more dresses because they’re easy, require less effort and are more comfortable. Today was a particularly uninspired morning but then I remembered this about making a quick adjustment to change your look. My hair is super short so I don’t have a lot of options in that department, but changing a few accessories make this outfit more interesting, at least to me. I usually wear this dress with red flats and red earrings but I really liked the vintage earrings that match the cardigan and these . But I couldn’t pass up the chance to wear my red lippy – favorite. A good pink gloss would keep the look soft and summery. Never underestimate a small change that can speak volumes.










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