Giveaway Goodies

2014-08-18 19.00.22I recently participated in an Instagram giveaway by Girl Meets Gold with the hilarious title of #TakeYaToTheEtsyShop. Naturally I hummed “Take Ya To The Candy Shop” the rest of the day.  I literally never win anything but I thought, “What the hey?! I’ll give it a shot!” I’m so glad I did because I WON!

The giveaway was a really cool collaboration between four Etsy shop owners: 1. A soft-hued canvas from Tyler @girlmeetsgold, 2. Four coasters by Jolia Willis at Splendidly Smitten, 3. Hey Y’all print by @emily_pullen and 4. A gold glitter mouse-pad from @amanda_fontenot of Sunkissed Sophisticate.

I received the glitter mouse-pad first and thought I had misunderstood the giveaway and that I only won one of the prizes, which was fine. A couple days later I received all the other packages and it felt like Christmas! Once I had everything laid out together, it was obvious my new color inspiration for an office would be soft hues with some bling bling.

The hubs & I will be moving to Pittsburgh, PA in two weeks and I can’t wait to hang the adorable “Hey Y’all” sign in our entry way. It will be a little homage to The Lone Star State while we are living on the East Coast. The hubs accepted an offer with an awesome new company and we will live in Pitt, which I’m sure will be quite and adventure. It’ll be a fun new adventure and besides our lack of true winter wear, we are ready.

2014-08-18 19.00.38 2014-08-18 19.00.03 2014-08-18 18.53.53 2014-08-18 19.01.09 2014-08-18 18.53.22 2014-08-18 18.57.46 2014-08-18 18.53.05


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