Paleo Pancakes

These 3-ingredient pancakes have easily become my favorite, quick & healthy breakfast option. Recipe by Photo made it super easy to understand with a step-by-step recipe through pictures. I’m obviously still working on my domesticity and one day I’ll be Brookie Crocker, but sometimes recipes are hard. I don’t get what some of the explanations mean until it’s too late and the biscuits deflate, you know? So a recipe through pics is genius & right up my alley.

All you need to make this DELICIOUS paleo breakfast is a ripe banana, two eggs and cinnamon. I’ve also added nutmeg in when I want a little more spice.
Put everything in a food processor until it’s a runny, wet mixture. You could whisk it or mash with a fork, but I like to work smarter, not harder in my quest to domestic goddess-ness. IMG_2866.JPG
It took me a few rounds of making these guys to figure out, the smaller the pancake, the easier to manage.


The size above is almost a little too small, unless you want to make lots of small pancakes. The batter is runnier than normal pancake batter so the pancakes are a more flimsy.


Below is an example of a pancake that’s almost too large to flip. Somewhere in the middle of the little pancake (above) and the big pancake (below) is where you want your flapjacks in order to be successful. I had a lot of pancakes strips and but when I first started using this recipe. The combination of making the pancakes too big and impatience was my weakness.

This batter does create surface bubbles when it’s ready to flip.

The best part is garnishing your pancakes with tasty toppings. I usually opt for 1 tbsp of pure honey and 1 tbsp of any crunchy nut butter that isn’t peanut. My favorites are cashew and almond butters. The pancakes are even great with fruit on top. They taste like regular pancakes but the texture is a little different, but not weird different. I’m a texture-phobe so if it was weird I wouldn’t eat it.



When making this recipe I found giving the pan a spritz of olive oil cooking spray in between each pancake makes them easier to manipulate and flip.

My oven and stove tend to cook hot, but medium heat seems to be the perfect temperature.


Use the thinnest spatula you can for flipping these pancakes. I’ve used this one but it’s too flexible for the already fragile batter. This one has worked pretty good but I really like the one that’s shown in the pics above. I think I picked it up at Target or received it as a wedding gift. I’m pretty sure it’s Kitchenaid brand (similar here).

These are delish! Enjoy, hippies.

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