Hippie Loves…Thoughtful Gifts

Gift giving might be considered one of my favorite hobbies. Can that be a hobby? Either way, it’s one of things I enjoy most. I wish I had tons of discretionary income so I could buy all my loved ones gifts all the time. There doesn’t even have to be an occasion that calls for a gift, I just truly enjoy letting people know when I’m thinking about them by sending something special in the mail. I say by mail because the hubs and I have been exiled to San Antonio. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool city and all, but our family and friends mean the world to us and they’re all mainly in Waco, Dallas or Houston areas. Hence, exiled.

I also love celebrating the little things in life and sending a treat to commemorate the occasion. It’s a way of being with my friends when I can’t physically be with them. For example, I just sent a birthday gift to my friend Lauren in Louisiana. She. Loves. Cheese. So naturally I sent her a sampler basket of tasty cheeses. It wasn’t outstanding or fancy but TS something I knew she and her new hubby would enjoy, especially since I just got them a monogrammed cheese board for a wedding gift. It’s just so fun buying stuff for people. I would make myself broke constantly buying things for people, but knowing it brings them joy is so worth it! The hubs might think differently. When I receive thoughtful gifts out of the blue it is the best feeling. Reaching into the mailbox and pulling out a package that isn’t the result of my online shopping habit is like being a kid on Christmas morning again. I immediately grin from ear-to-ear and get a little giddy. The anticipation of what is inside is overwhelming. I got to experience this recently when my sweet friend Meggy of Ruby June told me she was sending me something special. I was so excited because not only is she a super great gift giver, too, but she’s crafty. So obvi I was praying for a homemade treasure all my own. It’s hard to put into words how blown away I was with this gift. I opened a precious box with yarn thoughtfully concealing my surprise inside. She made me, MADE, this gorgeous dream catcher. What makes it extra special is that she used lace from my wedding day decor which was almost a year and a half ago. It’s just so wonderful to think that she was holding onto these dainty scraps of lace just to make me a special gift. I love it. I hung it in my closet, among all my other beauties (clothes, shoes & handbags) so I can see it everyday.

What’s your favorite gift to give and why? I personally love birthdays. Everyone should get to eat cake, drink bubbly and feel special. I like to find local bakeries to deliver cupcakes. I sent a really cool assortment to my bestie, Biz, in Richardson one year. The assortment included fruity pebbles cupcakes – delish! Housewarming gifts are fun, too. My mom had a friend give her a candle that was called “champagne toast.” It was so adorable and a fun twist on bubbly. 20140729-214017-78017998.jpg










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