Divine Dagger

I love pretty jewelry as much as the next girl but very seldom do I get so excited about a piece that I just have to have it. In fact, the last time I was so moved by jewelry it was when the hubs popped the question. During one of my Nordstrom Rack perusing sessions I decided to venture into the jewelry section. You know I’m not a fan of bargain shopping where I have to dig and that’s exactly how I feel in the Rack’s jewelry section. They try to keep it pretty and organized but necklaces tangle, bracelets interlock and everything just resembles a giant knot. Well this little guy had other plans because he was front and center on a hook as if someone selected him but deemed him not worthy…lucky me! I was instantly drawn to the gold plating and spikes with a giant dagger as the centerpiece. It’s very warrior princess and just super cool. It totally fits my aesthetic and I decided to give him a new home, in my closet, where he’d meet lots of new friends, my clothes, and get to go on many outings. 20140715-085100-31860070.jpg



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