NOLA Bound

Another weekend, another trip away from home and another wedding! We’ve done a tour de Tejas the last few weeks and today we are traveling to NOLA to witness one of my besties get married! Lauren is a gem in every since of the word. She was my first friend in Waco, we worked together as reporters at our first post-college big girl jobs and have shared countless memories in between. Make sure to check out #junelovebyrds on Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend to track the fun, the magic and the love as Lauren and Bey tie the knot. Side note: Lauren and I both called our fiancé, Beyoncé because when you type fiancé on an iPhone, it autocorrects to Beyoncé. It’s awesome. I’m extra excited because my parents were invited to witness the nuptials and we will be road tripping the journey together.

I’ve never been to New Orleans and I’m excited to experience Bourbon Street, hand grenades (more like one), Cafe du Monde and I’d love to experience Marie Lavea’s House of Voodoo. We will have a jam packed schedule and I’m looking forward to experiencing a new city with such rich history and culture. 20140627-081436-29676824.jpg




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