Modified School Girl Look

Trying new trends is one of my favorite things. I absolutely love it. I decided to try one of the summer trends of mixing socks with shoes. Check out my “Hippie loves…Summer Trends” post to see some awesome pics. I literally feel like a school girl with knee highs on and it makes me a little nostalgic for my childhood. Ok so I didn’t go to private school and wear a uniform but my cousin did and she’s cool. I thought her uniforms were so shweet and it might make one of the only kids in history to want to wear a uniform. For the workplace, this outfit is playful and a blazer helps tone down the quirkiness. I also needed to be a little more on the professional side because I’m training interns today. Weird. I don’t feel old enough to do that. But who says the workplace has to be boring? I refuse. 20140626-091219-33139503.jpg











Dress: Angie, old similar here/ Bandeau: NikiBiki/ Socks: Simply Vera: Booties: Lucky Brand/ Blazer: Daisy Fuentes/Lippy: Revlon Sweet Tart

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