Hippie loves…blogs!

I love blogs, blogging, the whole shebang. I’ve dreamed about my blog for years and finally decided to go for it. There is a great online community of bloggers who are supportive, inspiring and awesome. Reading other bloggers’ posts keeps me current, constantly looking for a new angle and relevant. I love that someone else can have a similar piece that I have but they wear it or use it in a whole new way. I have a mini epiphanies, or miphanies if you will, while reading other blogs. There are a few blogs that I read daily and I’ve grown to love and admire these women for their creativity and style. If you’re just getting into blogs, blogging or just need some daily inspo, make sure to subscribe to Bloglovin – you will be amazed. There are thousands of stylish people in the world who open their hearts, and closets, to the public. God love ’em.

If I were giving out awards…

WhoWhatWear – Best New Artist

This blog is amazing! I say best new artist because I recently discovered them while perusing Bloglovin. They have trend reports, funny commentary, tips, tricks, and more. They have it all and it’s always interesting. I retweet a lot of their stuff because I’m like, “YES! Everyone should see this!”

Cupcakes and Cashmere – Most Valuable Player

Emily is constantly introducing me to something new through her blog. She has been described as a modern day Martha Stewart, and you know what? That’s completely accurate, except for the fact that Emily gives all the hosting, decorating and styling tips that are relevant to girls in their 20’s and 30’s. I read this blog ‘er day. I look forward to reading her blog everyday. There are literally times I check it twice because sometimes she does multiple posts. I just can’t get enough. She’s lovely and definitely my MVP. 

LoveTaza – Prettiest Smile (You know like in high school? Ok, totally cheesy, but I just lurve her!)

Taza and he precious little family go on lots of adventures. Her husband is adorable and her children…I have no words. I think the best thing about Taza is that she’s a mom, and a cool one at that, and she gives me hope. She makes life look fun, she stays fashionable and she seems so sweet. Like, I really think we could go to coffee together and hit it off. You really feel like you know her and her family when you read her blog. As someone who is considering starting a family in the near-ish future, I’m excited to be inspired by fun moms on the go who can be stylish and their own perspective doesn’t suffer. 

Atlantic Pacific – Best Dressed

Now this broad has got it going on. Her outfits are interesting, borderline avant garde and I can’t get enough. There are literally times that I gasp out of sheer delight in what she is wearing. This is probably the one blog that I have the highest click through rate on because I want to know where, and how much I have to save, to own the pieces she wears. Amazeballs.

Free People – Dreamer of the Year

No one makes me want to run in a field, bare-chested and flower-crowned more than Free People. They evoke emotion and a lifestyle and it’s perfection. I feel so passionately about the lifestyle they represent that I can’t convince you to love them as much as I do. If I could marry a brand with my soul? This would be it.

Happy hump day, hippies. Peace.


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