Office Boho

I’ve always been drawn to dresses. I know that separates are great for creating multiple looks but a dress is easy, comfortable and most importantly in Texas, they’re cool. In high school, friends would always say, “Why are you so dressed up?” I was like, hello it’s 100 degrees outside and I’d rather wear one item of clothing than two or three. But, when I was in junior high I avoided long dresses and skirts like the plague. I’ve been 5’8″ since about sixth grade and my mama always encouraged long dresses because she said they looked good on me because of my height. Why I fought her on this I have no idea because now I adore a good maxi. In order to make it more office appropriate, I threw on a little jacket in a coordinating color. 20140624-084905-31745353.jpg









Jacket: Ambar/ Dress: Alythea/ Sandals: Aldo

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