River Rat Chic

I’m on a week hiatus, hippies! Hubs & I are camping at Garner State Park for the week with family. I haven’t had a real vacation in what feels like forever. We never even had a honeymoon because the day after our wedding we packed up my tiny little apartment into a U-haul and headed south to San Antone. Luckily my sweet MIL is supportive of my paleo venture and is helping me out in the cookout department (No one wants to get heckled for “dieting” on vacay! Slowly trying to convince therm that caveman cuisine is legit). If that’s not enough, I brought a bag-o-snacks full of fruit, nuts, almond butter and jerky! This morning I even went on a run in the park. Needless to say, my ensembles will be less fashionable and more practical. I’ll basically live in Tevas, oversize tanks, swimsuits and Nike shorts. Keep dreamin’, hippies, and I’ll be back next week with some inspo straight from the wilderness.



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