Turquoise Tones

I’ve always loved monochromatic looks. I think they look chic, sleek and bold. I knew last night I wanted to wear these BDG jeans but with what I had no idea. This morning, I decided to rock a monochromatic look in turquoise thanks to the inspiration from the hue of my jeans. There’s not a lot to making a monochromatic look work which is great. Of course, designers have luxurious pieces that match in color perfectly but the beauty of this style is mixing one color in different tints, tones and shades. It’s easy to experiment and play with which keeps it interesting. Keep in mind, there’s no right or wrong in fashion, not really. If you’re comfortable in your own skin and exude confidence then you could rock a burlap sack…that would be super itchy though. Back to the outfit (rabbit hole)…to make sure I accentuated my waist I opted for a vintage belt that belonged to my daddy and my new favorite Sam Edelman booties. I kept my accessories minimal with some vintage earrings that belonged to my granny and in the perfect color.
Shirt: Mossimo/ Jeans: BDG/ Booties: Sam Edelman/ Vintage belt and earrings/ Lippy: Mally in Starburst 20140613-090404-32644888.jpg20140613-090400-32640607.jpg













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