Scarved for Life

There is a vintage shop in West, Texas that I love called Style Station. It’s packed with authentic pearl snaps, jazzy dresses from the 70’s and the owners, Art & Rebecca, are awesome. Based on his stories, Art might have been a draft dodger, but I don’t give a hoot because he’s an intriguing fella with interesting stories that someone should pen one day. If I ever see a book called Style Station Memoir I’ll buy the first copy. You could talk to them allll day. Art has been in a Canadian tuxedo every time I’ve been there and precious Rebecca is in a bohemian skirt or dress of some sort. They are the epitome of the word hippie and I love seeing them and hearing their latest story. Like this one time, they were telling me about how some “damn kids kept stealin’ their mannequin.” They have this mannequin propped up on a vintage car outside of the shop and she’s apparently expensive…probably because she’s such a classy broad.

The store is sensory overload and it’s an experience you must treat yourself to in this lifetime. You get transported back in time while you’re surrounded with bright colors, retro memorabilia and even some handcrafted pieces made by Rebecca. Needless to say, it’s almost impossible to walk out empty handed. I always scan the boots section hoping to find a beautifully worn in pair of caramel colored boots, but I’ve been unsuccessful. I always look at the scarves because you never know when you’ll find one to be the perfect accessory your outfit. I found this abstract/sort of tie-dye scarf and I just love the colors. It’s one of those items that made me inhale sharply and excitedly because it looked familiar but it’s actually unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s a treasure and I enjoy the hunt.











Scarf: vintage/ Dress: Pretty Angel/ Sandals: Aldo

2 thoughts on “Scarved for Life

  1. If you could show some different ways to wear and/or tie scarves, that would be awesome. I have a lot of scarves, I just find that I wear them the same old way each time.


    1. I’d love to do that for you! The possibilities with scarves are endless but sometimes unless someone shows us how to execute a scarf fold or tie we don’t “see it.” I’ll work on a post for that! Thanks for the suggestion.


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