Hippie Loves…Wide Open Spaces

Cue Dixie Chicks music…just kidding, don’t. But now it’s stuck in my head. Visiting my hometown might as well be the setting of a country music video and soon it might be thanks to this guy. When I’m home I enjoy my family time and my Texas drawl deepens just being around “my people.” My grandma might be one of the funniest people I know and she enjoys my inappropriate jokes and humor. My aunts are all special little gems and one of them hosted my parents, the hubs and me in a precious little house next door to her own. It’s kind of like her own little B&B/craft house complete with vintage signs and estate sale treasures. She snuck in early in the morning and left us a precious little basket of donuts, milk and fruit. It especially felt like true country living when I was able to slip on galoshes with my pajamas and walk next door for coffee and a hug. The clouds were beautiful as I walked across the lush grass to “the big house.” Nothing beats gorgeous fluffy storm clouds rollin in and soon it rained a hard rain. A rain that smells better in the country, cools the air and makes you want to breathe deeper. Just as quickly as it came it left us and the sun came out to play. I was so inspired by the landscaping her and my uncle have worked tirelessly to perfect and the open field across from her house that’s situated on the perfect little back road. I wanted to run and play in the field, but they don’t call me Queen of Histamine for nothin. And I’m not dumb…tall grass, great rain? That’s snake heaven, y’all! Wide open fields call to my soul in a way I can’t really describe. It’s like the freedom and possibility want to pull me in and make me part of it. Thanks to my daddy, @McHonza for playing with me and capturing some cool shots. If there’s anyone I’d run away with to follow hippie dreams, it’s him.
















Shirt: Corner Shop/ Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft/ Booties: Sam Edelman/ Necklace: Forever XXI

One thought on “Hippie Loves…Wide Open Spaces

  1. Hey Little Hippie Honz! Can’t believe a week is approaching and I’m just now seeing this. What great homage to the little house and life in the country. Love your blogs, but love you more. Can’t wait to see you next weekend. Love you our little fashionista!!!! Aunt Shelia


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