Feelin’the Fifties

Sometimes an outfit comes together without you having to force it. It’s like the pieces are begging to be paired together. This outfit came to me last night. Some people say you shouldn’t plan an outfit ahead of time because your mood could change and I agree…to an extent. If you plan an outfit ahead of time you can channel your energy and prepare for the mood you want to embody. I wasn’t sure what mood I wanted to give off but I new I wanted to wear this pleated midi skirt in royal blue. It was an awesome find at Forever XXI, a store I typically get lost in without a specific focus. I wander aimlessly from section to section, semi-perusing and gliding my fingers of the tangles of texture and color. This skirt happened to be in the wrong section at the right time. Lawd knows if something is misplaced in that store you may never find where it came from. I happily rescued it where it could live in my closet, in the skirt section. It would have a home. For whatever reason I was drawn to this ruffle collared floral print skirt from Ann Taylor. When the pieces were put together it gave a very 50’s feel and I loved it. I tend to gravitate toward vintage styles and looks. I think they’re so classic, beautiful and are easily modernized. I allllmost went with a pair of ivory oxfords that I adore but it would look too costumey, instead I opted for a nude Steve Madden wedge to keep the look more current. I really enjoyed how this outfit came together. To make sure I kept a defined waistline I wore a skinny blue belt that matches the skirt perfectly. I could go back to the 50’s if it meant midi skirts everyday.













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