The Art of Cuffing Your Jeans

I love a good cuffed jean. I love a good boyfriend fit jean. When the two are combined it’s magical. It can casual, trendy, edgy, cool – oh, the possibilities. In Texas I find myself cuffing my jeans a lot when my shorts are out of rotation. My boss wouldn’t appreciate me wearing my worn in cut-offs that are every southern girl’s summer anthem. I’m order to channel the same vibe with cut-offs I wear cuffed jeans. A full on jean seems too intense for the hot months, which in Texas start at the end of February/beginning of March. If my ankles can breath and feel the sunshine then I feel more in tune with Mother Nature.

I have a particular pair of Old Navy Diva straight leg jeans that I bought years ago on a denim binge. I liked the Diva cut so I bought every version: boyfriend, skinny, straight leg. Upon later reflection, I realized the straight leg wasn’t really a cut that I liked but I needed jeans, they were cheap and my butt looked good (the true decision maker in whether we purchase jeans) but the legs made me feel mom-ish if I don’t cuff the legs. But I recognize that a cuff can go all wrong if it’s too small or too big and where it hits your leg. Too big a cuff? Hello, Huck Finn. Too small but rolled up too much? Soccer mom and you should probably just wear capris. I generally like it just above my ankles so I can wear flats or booties. The perfect cuff can set the tone.

My perfect cuff.

My cuff vs. Huck Finn.

Depending on the show I’m wearing, these are my favorite cuff lengths.
Oh, hey, mom.


Go this big and you should go home.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Cuffing Your Jeans

  1. Thanks to your suggestions, I realized my jeans were cuffed too high. I immediately went down a bit on my boyfriend jeans, and you were right–they looked way better.


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