Lipstick Layering in Lavender

I recently tweeted an article, Beauty High, about lipstick layering. Lipstick might be my favorite beauty product to binge buy and always wearing a fun splash of color on my lips is one of my trademark looks. It’s an instant way to elevate you look. When I read this article I got über-excited about lipstick and the endless colors I could make just by layering. I also discovered I’m in serious need of blue hue lippy but that’s a different story for a different day.

The purple concoctions instantly drew me in and beckoned me to try them out. A base if nude layered with a violet shade makes a cool lavender color. I started with MAC Viva Glam II and layered with Kat Von D L.U.V. It’s good to start with a matte color to make the top coat stay. A moisturizing top coat color can keep your creation all day. The Kat Von D lippy is great and I never had to reapply. The results were cool and I’m looking forward to trying new combos.







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