Music Muse – Pink Floyd


I’ve discovered that music is inspiring. Duh. It inspires mood, mentality, life & love. It also inspires fashion.

Designers use music to set the tone for their runway shows, stores blare, or gently chide, you while shopping but I’ve found that music inspires my style. When I hear a sick beat, an inspiring lyric or get introduced to a new artist my subconscious takes over. I can automatically picture an outfit or activity inspired by the artist, song &/or lyrics.
Example: The Beatles = flower crowns, dancing in the sunshine, holding hands & general good vibes.

That being said, these shoes were a natural choice. Pink Floyd inspired flats by Urban Outfitters. On maj sale. Winning. I instantly feel cool when I wear them & I have to embody it – basically Pink Floyd flats make me confident? Yes, that’s right. My pops would be proud.

Work attire generally bores me to tears because I think conservative suits & I want to cringe. Luckily, I can stretch my creative muscles through my style, both on weekdays and on the weekend.

Pairing these flats with some bold bright colors required little accessorizing. The shoes are the statement & the color palette speaks volumes. I chose a basic top from JCPenney & Gap trousers.

Shoe close-up


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